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Common Sports Injuries treated

Please note – at the clinic we often refer to these injuries as “Sports Injuries” however, they can happen to anyone at anytime. Please don’t be put off making an appointment if your injury is not sports related – everyone is welcome

Sprained ankle

An ankle sprain is commonly caused when the ankle joint has gone beyond its usual comfortable range of motion. This results to a complete or partial tear of the supporting ligaments of the joint. The ligaments help to prevent excessive movement. Which is why the ankle is commonly sprained, due to its highly mobile characteristics.

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A running with an injured knee

There are many reasons why a person may be feeling pain around the knee. This may be due to ligament damage, either of the cruciate ligaments anterior and posterior, which are responsible for controlling the back and forth. This reduces the risk of the tibia sliding past the femur. A cruciate ligament test can be carried out, to determine whether there was pain in doing so. It could also be damage to the meniscus.

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Plantar fasciitis – heel pain

Therapist treating patient with heel pain / plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of the plantar fascia (connective tissue), which is a tough fibrous band of connective tissue. This runs along the base of your calcaneum to the base of the toes. The role of plantar fascia is to support the natural arch, mainly in the medial section of the base of the foot

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A runner with a pulled hamstring

A strain is identified when a tear in a muscle occurs, due to overstretching or overloading the muscle. The tendon which attaches muscle to bone, and is made of collagen fibres, can also be torn or damaged in the same way. If the strain is caused from overusing the muscle, then this is known as an overuse or chronic strain, or by improper technique when weightlifting. Hamstring strains are very common, especially seen in runners that are training constantly

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Tennis elBow

A tennis player suffering with Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is one of the most common overuse injuries seen at the elbow. Even though it is named ‘tennis elbow’, this injury can occur with anyone that has repeatedly overused the extensor muscles at the forearm. This may be seen in individuals who play other racket sports such as badminton or squash.

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Medial Epicondylitis or otherwise known as ‘Golfer’s Elbow’, can occur when the flexor muscles of the forearm are overused. This causes a repetitive strain injury to the tendons at the attachment site of the flexor muscles

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achilles tendonitis

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Tendonitis refers to inflammation of a tendon, in this case the Achilles. The other tendons within the body most commonly susceptible to tendonitis are the rotator cuff, wrist extensors, wrist flexors, patella tendon and sometimes seen in hamstring tendons. Notwithstanding this injury can take place at any tendon (s) experiencing overuse or sudden stress/intense strain

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A shoulder impingement is seen to be one of the most common causes of injury pain, along with tendonitis and bursitis. When an individual flexes the arm, the rotator cuffs pass through the subacromial space which narrows during this movement.

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*This should not be taken as medical advice and you should still contact your GP/hospital if you suspect a serious injury. *